***** NEW LEAGUE AT BRAINTREE Country Club ****

A new league has been added at Braintree Country Club.
It is Tuesday nights starting July 7, 2015, first tee time 5:12 pm.
This will be a "Pay as You Go" League.
The cost will be $24 and payable in the Pro Shop each week.
Be a part of the largest Women's Golf Association and Get Ahead!     



Welcome to the website of the Boston EWGA Chapter serving all of Eastern, Central Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire.  This chapter is about our members. If you have any concerns, comments, feedback or ideas please send an email to our President at president@ewgaboston.org.

We want to hear from you because this chapter is FORE! U


Do you want to post pictures from events, send to adriana.ewga@gmail.com.
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Do you love EWGA Boston?  Have you made great friends and looking forward to meeting more women who share you passions? Would you be disappointed if the chapter collapsed?

If yes to the above then you have what it takes to be a member of the Board of Directors! We need you, your passion and fresh ideas.  

Being on the Board of Directors is lots of fun!  Yes it is a little work but our busy time is during the off season.  No worries about attending BOD meetings, 99% are conference calls  from the comfort of home.  Also, there is no reason to re-invent the wheel, most of the work has been set up already.  If you can cut and paste,  you will be on your way!  

Volunteering can help you find new friends, learn new skills and even advance your career.  Did you know it has been proven that volunteering can protect your mental and physical health?

Please consider the open positions  click here for more information

Questions? contact chaptervolunteer@ewgaboston.org

Golf EventS

Chapter Championship
Looking for a Scramble Team or have a Scramble Team and need players?

Post what you are looking for or spaces available on this discussion group:


Special Event  
Indian Ridge Invitational Event on Tuesday August 25th.

Click Here to Register please indicate your playing partner or foursome.

If you have additional questions please contact Lois

Upcoming Events

George Wright Sunday July 5 - Member & Guest Event
Atkinson Country Club Saturday July 11
Chapter Championship Red Tail Golf Club Saturday July 18
Blackstone National Golf Club Sunday July 26
Granite Links Golf Club Saturday August 1

Click here for a complete list of events.

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welcome new members

 Nancy Chisholm     Emily Mecheme   
 Eileen Sullivan  Sally Vesty   
 Patricia Bartlett
 Caroline Boulanger
 Sheila Phillion  Sherri McDonald
 Janel Stenmon  Heather Wetterneck
 Lindsay Pike  Tracy Higging
 Kathleen Callahan  Jane Fine
 Wen Smith  Nicole Monchik
 Michelle Schena  Kyle Faget
 Michelle Younis     Susan Kantor


Check out these Golf Tips – and start to see improvements in your game!


Do you want to play better golf?  If yes, then taking lessons from a PGA/LPGA Professional should be an integral part of your game. These are pros who support the EWGA's mission of connecting women to learn, play and enjoy golf for business and for fun.  They have helped your fellow Boston Chapter members improve their game and have more fun.  Check out our favorite pros here


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tip of the week

Top-selling Golf Author for the female golf enthusiast

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EWGA tee and green sponsorship 

Golf Tee Box Sponsorships: Join our season long challenge!
Get the most  and win a prize
Help your favorite business expand their client base while helping the Boston Chapter too!


This year the event will be held on July 18th at Read Tail Country Club in Devens, MA.  This year registration is being coordinated though the national office.REGISTRATION ENDS JUNE 30th Click here to register.  Boston is grouped in the Northeastern District half way down the page.  (You may need to long into the National Site to complete your registration)


Want to learn more about Handicap press here
A handicap is important because it allows golfers at any skill level to compete on an equitable basis. Posting all of your scores will give you an accurate measure of your level of play.

   Post Your Score to GN21 Here

   Post Your Score to GHIN Here


Match Play allows you to square off in friendly head-to-head competition, meet new 
Chapter members, and improve your golf game. Competition is open to any member 
with a GN21 or GHIN Handicap Index 
For more information click here
To sign up for Match Play:  click here

Biggest Loser

EWGA Biggest Loser Handicap Challenge
How low can you go???

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Register here


All League and Event players qualify to participate in our “BIRDIE EAGLE HOLE IN ONE” club.

If you score a Birdie, Eagle, Hole in one or Better (double eagle, etc) during any EWGA Boston Event or League, you qualify for a drawing for a prize at the end of season event.

Click here to record your score.


The USGA has an awesome series of videos called Golf Rules ExplainedCheck them out!

National EWGA has some Rules Quizzes that you can use to test your knowlege.  Check them out!

Boston's 19th 

The 19th Hole is often a spot where we relax after the round and enjoy company of friends and discuss our game that day.  It is here where great ideas come up on how EWGA Boston can do things differently and better.

We want to hear from you so keep those ideas in mind and please visit our 19th Hole Feedback Form on our webpage.  This is a place where you can give us your feedback, comments, suggestions and ideas.  You can remain anonymous or submit your email and we can discuss your ideas further.

Let us all work together.  We need your suggestions to improve our great chapter!


If you have any problems with the website, we are just an e-mail away.

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The Den Caddie

Den Caddie: New Golfer's FAQ - Part 2 of 2

You are a “new” golfer -- looking for a guide to playing the game? Or have you been playing golf forever but still feel like a “new” golfer at times? The Den Caddie has some tips to help!

Question:   I feel rushed all the time, How can I play faster?
Answer:  Learn to move quickly between your shots will help you play a hole in less time.

Question:   Golf Seems to have a lot of rules, how can I play by them?
Answer:  There are two types of rules in golf, those for keeping score and etiquette rules.

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Have a charity close to your heart? Share it with other members.  Send the information to 

Do you have a charity close to your heart.  Share it with the other members.  'Click here' to find a local golf tournament or other events you may be interested in supporting.