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Den Caddie: How can I hit the ball further?


Hitting a golf ball further is based on the physics equation:

Force = Mass X Acceleration

The ball travels based on the amount of Force the ball is hit with.  The more force means the ball goes further.

You can increase Force by increasing the Mass used to hit the ball. This can be done with a heavier golf club, which is not always practical.

The better way to is to increase Acceleration of the golf club as it hits the ball.

In simplest terms Acceleration is to constantly increase velocity or speed.  

When you accelerate in a car, the speedometer shows you speed increasing as you travel down the road.  Your body is pressed against your seat in the car.  This is the Force.

Once you reach a constant speed in your car, your body is no longer pressed against the seat because the Force caused by the acceleration is no longer there.

So how can you create more acceleration?

To start you need to feel what acceleration feels like.

  • Take two golf balls and a putter to some place you can putt.  

  • Start by swinging the putter from your back toe to your front toe and back to your back toe in constant tempo.  Count one on the backswing, count two on the forward, or Tick Tock, tick, tock.

  • Once you have that feel use it to putt one of your golf balls.  Note how far it travels

  • Now repeat this exercise this time change our tempo on the back swing to be a count of one two, and one on the forward swing.  Or Tick Tick on the back swing, tock on the forward.  Where tock is the same length of time as the ticks, but the club head travels further.  Practice this, a few times to get the feel of the new tempo.

  • Once you have the feel of this tempo, use it to putt one of the golf balls.  Note how far it travels.

Did the 2nd golf ball go further?  If it did then the difference was the first ball was hit with a constant speed and the 2nd with increasing speed or acceleration. Another way is to take your driver to some place you can swing it.  Instead of gripping the driver at the grip, turn it around in our hands, and hold on the to the shaft just below the club head.

Now swing the club quickly.  Keep swinging it faster and faster until you hear a “whoosh” sound.  The “whoosh” sound is when the club is at maximum acceleration.  

Where does the “whoosh” sound occur?  Does it occur behind our or in the swing before you hit the the ball, or in front of you, after the swing would have hit the ball?

You want to hear the whoosh sound in front of you, so that your max acceleration is after you would have hit the ball

Keep trying until you get the whoosh sound in front of you.

Now take a golf club to the driving range … pick your “favorite” or the club you have the most confidence with.  For me it is my 7 iron.

Without a golf ball, take your stance on the mat as if you are going to hit the golf ball.

Swing the golf club in your back swing slowly counting in your head one, two, three.

At three you are at the top of your backswing.  


Start your downswing slowly, increasing your swing speed a little more as the club travels down … just like you are starting from a stop in your car.  When you reach where the ball is, your speed is the fastest.

Try this a few times … counting one two three on the back swing and one on the down and forward swing.

Try to feel the same “whoosh” as you did with tour driver backwards in your hands.

Put a ball on the mat and swing away.

Practice this and see if your distances increase.

Swing Away!

Kate Collins

The Den Caddie