Golf Fitness Evaluation

Want to play better golf this year?  Join us at this workshop to figure out some basic things that you can do to play better AND prevent injuries.  The TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) staff at Mass General Orthopaedics Sports Performance Center will work with you to do a basic movement evaluation and then offer corrective exercises to work on your weakest link so that you will be able to play better this season on the course.  

Rhythm & Tempo in the Golf Swing: What is it and How to Find it

During this clinic you will learn about rhythm in the golf swing and how to create it.  You will discover what the proper tempo is for your individual swing and what to do to get it back in mid round.  Drills and exercises will be conducted to develop good tempo and rhythm.  The program includes hand-outs and a continental breakfast.  

Bad Habits Made Good

Join us for an on course playing lesson at Pine Oaks Golf Course in Easton to learn how to turn bad habits on the course into good ones.  You will learn about common mistakes and bad habits, where they come from and what can be done about them.  Common misconceptions about certain shots will be discussed.  The program will include hand-outs and a complimentary beer or wine once you have eliminated all the bad habits in your game!  

Weekend Warm Up Clinics

Get ready for your weekend round of golf with our helpful and fun clinics at the Robert T Lynch Municipal golf course in Brookline.  The clinics will be held on Friday nights throughout the summer.  The cost is $30 and includes the golf clinic followed by one drink and appetizers at the Vine Ripe Grill.  This year's topics are:

Short Game Fundamentals

Full Swing Fundamentals

Course Management & Club Selection

Questions or comments about education programs?

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