President's Cup - Team Match Play

President’s Cup Fourball Match Play Tip Sheet

  1. Scoring: A team that wins a hole shall be awarded one point. If teams halve a hole, then a half point is awarded to each team.
    All 18 holes shall be played so that points shall be accumulated for the total team score.
    On a hole concession, mark the scores at the point of concession.  Place X’s for the loosing team’s score, and give the point to the winning team.
  2. Penalties: If one player commits a penalty which is considered “loss of hole” only the player who committed the penalty is out of the hole. The teammate shall continue to play the hole with only her score being scored for the team.  All other penalties shall be applied to the score of the player committing the penalty.
  3. Concession of Next Stroke or Hole. A team may concede an opponent’s next stroke or the hole any time prior to the conclusion of the hole. Please follow this procedure on very short putts or when a player is clearly in command of the hole. Since this is a point system, the match cannot be conceded. 
    Before the Match, teammates should decide how they will concede (stroke or hole).  It is suggested that one person be selected for each team.  Make this known to the other team on the 1st
  4. Playing Out of Turn. In match play, the ball farther from the hole is played first. The winner of a hole tees off first on the next hole. If a player plays out of turn anywhere on the course, her opponents MAY immediately require her to cancel the stroke and replay in the correct order. No penalties apply.
    A player may allow her teammate to play for her turn. The play is not considered out of turn.
    NOTE If the group is behind, play ready golf until the group is back in position.
  5. Provisional Ball. If a player plays a Provisional Ball from the Teeing Ground, she shall do so after her opponents have played their first stroke. If not, Playing Out of Turn applies.
  6. Wrong Ball. In match play, if a player plays a stroke with a wrong ball, she shall be out of the hole and her score will not count. Her teammate shall continue to play the hole.
  7. Ball in motion deflected or stopped by Opponent, Caddie or Equipment. If a player’s ball is accidentally deflected or stopped by an opponent, his caddie or his equipment, no penalty is incurred. The player may play the ball as it lies or, before another stroke is played by either side, cancel the stroke and play a ball without penalty as nearly as possible at the spot from which the original ball was last played.
  8. Wrong Place. If a player makes a stroke from a wrong place, she shall be out of the hole and her score will not count. Her teammate shall continue to play the hole.
  9. Teammates can share information and advice, including reading each other’s putts. This does not apply to standing in the line of play.  This is not permitted at any time.
  10. Picking Up. A player may decide to pick up her ball at any time during the playing of a whole. Once she does, she is out of the hole and only her teammates score will count for the score of the hole. The player picking up will resume playing on the next tee.
  11. If a team concedes a hole, all players must pick up their ball and proceed to the next tee box. Continuing to play the hole is considered practice and is not allowed.
    In general players may practice on the green once a hole is complete.  Due to pace of play please limit this to a minimum, only to be done if the group is ahead of pace.

President's Cup Team Match Play 2018!
Sunday June 10, 2018
Merrimack Valley Golf Club Methuen, MA

President’s Cup is a team match play competition within the LPGA Amateur Golf Association y Boston Chapter.

Team Green vs Team Orange!

Match play competitions with two-person teams in each foursome representing Team Green and Team Orange

Players will be assigned a color team and a partner based on experience level.

Players experienced in match play will be teamed with less experienced players.

Practice events during league play and events prior to the event.

No prior match play experience required.  Will need a handicap.  Handicap Services are included with your membership!

Prizes will be awarded!

How do I sign up? Boston Chapter Members Click Here and Select President's Cup June 10!

Questions? Email: Kate Collins

Match play basic rules:

  • USGA Match Play Rules apply.

  • Fourball

  • Each player plays her own ball.

  • The player with the lowest net score of the four wins the hole or one point for her team.  

  • If a player from each team scores the same net score the teams will “halve” the hole, and each team will receive ½ a point.

  • All points will count to the final color team score.  So all foursomes will play all 18 holes, even if a team will “lose” the match they must complete the 18 holes as their points will contribute to the team total.

  • Teams shall designate who will be the partner to concede a hole/stroke for the team or both team members must indicate the concession for it to be in effect.

  • A stroke concession is indicated with the word “good” or by picking up the ball marker of the opponent the stroke is being given to.

  • Concession of the hole shall be indicated by saying “We conceded this hole”.  All play on that hole will stop, and all 4 players will proceed to the next tee.  Players will not be allowed to “practice” between tee and green on a conceded hole.