Local Charity 2016



“Teaming” up with  to get more girls golfing! 

GIGL is the only all girls team golf league in New England.

GIGL is a non-profit & has no league registration fee.

GIGL provides clubs for free use.

But GIGL needs EWGA for “team organizers.”

 GIGL Team Organizers:

● Try to make sure there are 4 girls from their team at GIGL events.

● Set up optional team practice & lessons with the help of GIGL.

● Pick team color/hat

●Organize and walk with their team at the GIGL tournaments.

 GIGLTournaments: MGA Links in Norton, MA – home of First


Dates: 5/1/16, 6/26/16, 8/7/16, 9/1/16, 11/6/16.


 PLEASE become a GIGL Team Organizer


(or team up with a buddy and become co-organizers)

For further information contact:

 Dave Barend @ 508-316-1171 dbarend@comcast.net

Visit GIGL on Facebook or http://www.giglgolf.com/